My name is Candeloro, and I am known as a Witch, a contribution to the Second Law. I... can't remember what my name was before, but I doubt it really matters now.
Stay for a while. Please.

((Roleplay Blog for Candeloro (Mami Tomoe's Witch form) from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.))
orchestratedlove sent: The mermaid witch appears before the calm Canderlor. "Candeloro, perhaps I could be a much better guest than all the others you've had so far? I would be glad to keep you company."

"Oh?" Candeloro paused for a moment, standing in front of the Witch whom she was very surprised to see enter her barrier. Moreso, surprise was rooted from the fact that she’d offered company. Slowly, a smile appeared on her lips, and it for once held a genuine happiness.

"…That would be wonderful, Oktavia."