My name is Candeloro, and I am known as a Witch, a contribution to the Second Law. I... can't remember what my name was before, but I doubt it really matters now.
Stay for a while. Please.

((Roleplay Blog for Candeloro (Mami Tomoe's Witch form) from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.))

orchestratedlove replied to your post: The mermaid witch appears before the calm Canderlor.

She smiles and takes a seat beside her. “I’m glad that you don’t mind.” She looks around the cheerful surroundings. “You’ve certainly made this place look so… How can I explain it… So welcoming.”

"I’m rather glad that you can see it as such." She began to look around the expanses of her own barrier, and definitely realized it was much more cheerful than some of the others. It wasn’t made to be intimidating, or to scare those who wandered in. "Welcoming people into my barrier is something I aim to do, so long as they don’t attempt to harm me. A few calm guests every now and then is nice, but still…" She took a pause, intertwining her fingers together in her lap. "It normally gets lonely nonetheless. I’m very glad that you’ve stopped by."